• New Home Inspections
  • Buyer Inspections
  • Seller Inspections
  • Warranty Inspections
  • Pool & Spa Inspections
  • WDI Inspections (Wood Destroying Insects)
  • Home Energy Assessment
  • Comprehensive Home Energy Audit
  • Thermal Imaging
  • HVAC Pressurization Test
  • Carbon Monoxide Testing
  • Certified RESNET HERS Rating
  • LEED For Homes Certification
  • Seasonal Home Maintenance Plans
  • Foundation Elevations
  • Hydrostatic Plumbing Test
  • Residential Mold Screen


New Home Inspections

A newly-built home is critically important to have inspected by a professional home inspector. The detailed inspections Riddle Home Inspection Services provides will point out the items that can be frequently overlooked by the basic code compliance checks required by new home builders and contractors in their haste to build and sell new homes. It is best to conduct this inspection a couple of days before the final walk-through with the builder to insure the last minute details, such as turning on the utilities, etc., are taken care of.

Buyer Inspections

Most of all professional Home Inspection Services are done at the request of home buyers. The buyer typically has 3 – 10 days to complete a home inspection before they can purchase and close on a home. Riddle Home Inspection Services is committed to strictly following the Standards of Practice provided by the Real Estate Commission, which governs all rules and regulations for professional home inspection. Our team will go above and beyond to give our customers the best value, protection, and decision making power for their money.

Seller Inspections

The greatest advantage a seller can have is the full disclosure of information on the condition of their property in advance of the listing process. Having Riddle Home Inspection Services prior to placing on the market is the ideal way to avoid surprises and unexpected costly repairs needed that can affect selling price and attract-ability to the home. Riddle Home Inspection Services will provide a complete and thorough inspection that will alert the seller to any number of issues that can be resolved before the buyers ever come to the house.

Warranty Inspections

Having professional Riddle Home Inspection Services done towards the end of your newly-built home´s warranty period can be a lifesaver. Most homeowners do not expect problems to arise during the first year but issues arising from the unseen areas, like the crawl space or attic, can go undetected until a critical time, usually long after the warranty period has expired. Riddle Home Inspection Services can save the homeowner from unexpected repairs after the warranty period ends by identifying them early, allowing the homeowner to take advantage of warranty coverage.

Pool & Spa Inspections

Owning a swimming pool or spa as part of your home property is a major undertaking, and it is best to insure that both are in good condition and operating properly. RSHI will provide a detailed report on the condition of your pool and/or spa according to the local standards put forth by the State for your ease of mind.

WDI Inspections (Wood Destroying Insects)

One of the greatest threats to your home is from termites and other wood-destroying insects. A WDI inspection includes a visual examination of the interior and exterior of the home to find any signs of existing or previous activity as well as identifying conducive conditions for these troublesome insects.

Home Energy Assessment

First, we will determine the orientation of the home – north, south, east or west. Then, we evaluate the systems or features currently in place, such as HVAC equipment, attic ventilation, insulation, windows, lights, plumbing fixtures and more. (Having 12 months of energy bills available is preferred for this evaluation.) We will find basic key areas that are keeping the house from being the most energy efficient. The inspector will make recommendations as to what energy opportunities are available for each specific home to increase its efficiency. Every home has its own unique fingerprint and issues and Riddle Home Inspection Services will help you address and understand those issues.

Comprehensive Home Performance Energy Audit

A more in depth than the Home Performance Analysis, Riddle Home Inspection Services use the latest scientific measuring software and equipment to check the household building envelope for leaks and inefficient areas. This is done by performing a Blower Door Test, which pressurizes the house. A large fan is attached to the blower door, blowing air out of the house at a constant speed, creating a steady pressure that hits the outside of the house from all sides. This sucks in outside air and shows exactly where there is leakage through the home. With normal household operating conditions, the conditioned air that is in the house escapes through these same leaks to the outside. Finding these areas and sealing them keeps the HVAC equipment from having to work harder than it needs to, therefore saving energy and the life expectancy of the HVAC unit. A Thermal Imaging Report can be added to this Audit, allowing the Home Inspection Services to identify the exact areas in the home that are leaking the most.

Thermal Imaging
Thermal imaging cameras use heat signatures to identify a variety of problems that could not be seen with the human eye: such as plumbing leaks behind walls, ceilings and floors; hot electrical wires buried behind walls or switch plates; missing insulation on walls and ceilings; air leaks in the building envelope; and air leaks in the HVAC duct system. Thermal Imaging is one of the most informative, effective and accurate tests a home inspector can perform for you.

HVAC Pressurization Test
This test is performed by Riddle Home Inspection Services to find duct leakage in the HVAC system the most common problem in homes. This test is also know as a duct blast. Most people never go into their attics and/or crawl spaces to inspect ducts. Texas heat from the attic can deteriorate the seal of the ducts over time. This means that attic air will get pulled into the ducts and blown directly into the house, reducing indoor air quality and making the HVAC system less efficient. By finding these areas and sealing the ducts, indoor air quality will improve, leaving you with a healthier home. The HVAC unit will work more efficiently to heat and cool the house, saving both money and the life of the HVAC system. This test can also be offered with the Thermal Imaging equipment to pinpoint the exact leaky areas for an additional charge.

Carbon Monoxide Testing

Carbon Monoxide TestingVerifying that CO detectors are in place in the required areas: in the vicinity of the bedrooms, on each level of the house, and in the vicinity of any attached garage. Testing all accessible Carbon Monoxide Alarms in the House. Sampling the air in the vicinity of all the fuel-fired appliances to determine CO levels.

What is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that is slightly less dense than air. It is toxic to humans when encountered in concentrations above about 35 ppm. It is also produced in low quantities in normal human and animal metabolism and is part of normal biological functions.

In the atmosphere, it is spatially variable and short lived, having a role in the formation of ground-level ozone. As CO levels increase and remain above 70 ppm, symptoms become more noticeable and can include headache, fatigue and nausea. At sustained CO concentrations above 150 to 200 ppm, disorientation, unconsciousness, and death are possible.

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